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Time To Save the Forest is Now!!

We need support NOW! City Council is gathering bids and attempting to negotiate easements for the Altis property. It's Our Wild Nature needs help financially and spiritually to save this urban wilderness gem in the heart of Columbia MO. You can donate on this website or on facebook, or give Sutu cash or checks. She is willing to gamble her life's savings to benefit the people who love nature. We are not asking you to do that. But $5, $10, $100, or $10,000 all makes a difference. If you are interested in why we need this please call Sutu at 573 449-2955, or send us a message at, or on facebook. The only way to save the planet is one acre at a time and this is 35 acres that has been enriching our lives for eons.

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Time To Save the Forest is Now!!
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Elijah Helps Save the "Sacred Forest"
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Join us to save the truly natural spaces!
Important Input Opportunity Event !!!!!!!!!!!


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